First of all, we would love to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2014!!

If you notice, the previous version of Fotografi Malaysia (FM) was no longer exist. This is due to several reasons, and we believe in listening to people’s voices and ideas.

We started as a single writer platform which is not a good idea, since there’re too many stuffs we would like to share with Malaysian photographer. 2013 was a trial year and we found out FM can contribute more to Malaysian photography community. So with the new platform, we can support multiple authors to contribute in few different sections with more interesting stories and approaches.

The new more stable platform will support more features for our readers to enjoy. A much more user friendly platform and it’s the best bet for future improvement.

FM going to be a bilingual photography blog which support English and Bahasa Malaysia. It’s an effort and always be our target to bring Malaysian photographer to keep up, to learn, explore and share with the rest of the world.

We really hope with the continuous support from Malaysian photographer community, we will continue to contribute to our local photography scene as a medium, a channel to link Malaysian photographers to the world.

Best regards,